Tree Pruning and Maintenance in Buxton

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Here at Buxton Tree Co our members receive the majority of enquires from clients who want to retain their trees but would like more sunlight in their gardens. This means that tree pruning and tree maintenance work in Buxton & throughout Buxton is a high priority and in high demand.

Our members love to help clients by providing printing for their trees in Buxton as it allows them to get creative whilst preserving the health of trees.

There are many practical benefits to tree pruning in Buxton and it is a good idea to make sure that a tree is thinned out evenly and consistently. The key benefit of this approach is to create added space for sunlight to penetrate. Pruning away the dead ends of trees in Buxton is a good way to keep them fertile and strong. Our members prefer to operate a full clean-up job after the work that they do leaving you with nothing but beautifully pruned and maintained trees.


Reduce the overall size of a tree or make it safe (crown reduction)

Remove low hanging branches (crown raising)

Reduce crown density (crown thinning)

Restore fruit trees in winter

Remove dangerous limbs or deadwood

Tree pruning in Buxton should only be carried out if it is deemed necessary to do so, since any cutting can potentially weaken a tree and each pruning wound exposes vulnerable tree tissue, which may be invaded by wood-decaying organisms. Generally, pruning should aim to remove no more than 15-30% of the crown at any one time.

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