Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery as a term encompasses a number of different tasks. Our members most frequent Tree Surgery services are outlined below:

Crown raising: the removal of lower branches to improve ground clearance and help gain sunlight into the grounds.
Crown reduction: the trimming of a tree to reduce the overall size and shape of the tree.
Crown thinning: the removal of certain branches within the overall tree structure of the tree.
Dangerous tree work: removal of part or entire tree to reduce the risk of property / personal injury.
Tree Felling: the complete removal of the tree.
Pollarding: removing large parts of the tree’s crown and regular pruning.
Pruning: the removal of some parts of the trees crown.  


Tree Pruning in Buxton

Tree pruning services have to be implemented to a high standard and in a fashion that minimises stress on the trees.

In the case of dead, diseased or damaged tree branches, our member tree surgeons will ensure pruning is implemented back to the branch collar. Where branches are crossed or rubbing, they take great care to ensure they prune correctly; leaving a healthy, balanced and aesthetically pleasing final tree.

Tree Pruning Safety

Buxton Tree Co approved members ensure every tree work project implemented is carried out with safety in mind. Our panel of members take pride in ensuring the final site is cleared and of no obstruction to the property owner.



Tree Felling in Buxton

Sometimes there are no other options but to remove a tree. Our members will safely remove your tree if it’s no longer desired or whether it’s dead, diseased or dangerous, large or small. Contact us for a Free Tree Removal Quotation in Buxton and discuss the options to ensure you get the best value on the market that works for your budget.

Hedge Maintenance in Buxton

Buxton is a city of hedges, and a strong and healthy hedge looks better and provides privacy to your property. Our members can take care of all your hedge maintenance needs in Buxton & throughout Buxton. Our panel of members provide an experienced hedge cutting service using the best hedge cutting machinery to guarantee an excellent finish.

Tree Pollarding in Buxton

Buxton Tree Co members can help advise you about which trees you can cut back using a pollarding method. Whatever your reasons for pollarding your Buxton trees it can be a great system to prolong tree life and encourage new, fresh growth. Our members should advise if we feel a tree you have selected is not suited for this type of surgery.

Stump Grinding & Removal

  tree stump removal is carried out by a machine which fits through standard garden access routes and grinds to a depth of 20-40cm below ground, leaving the area free for you to re-plant or re-landscape. Our panel of members take great care performing stump grinding in Buxton, removing all tree waste and leaving your garden as we find it.